Chasing the Ladies

Late summer, just as the trees are starting to turn amber and the rivers are holding stable with medium levels, it was time to chase some ladies. Slovenian Grayling aka “ladies of the river” have to be some of the most eye popping fish around. With their brilliantly coloured oversized dorsal fins and campfire red tails, one would think that they would stick out like neon lights at the local disco but they don’t. They blend and they blend in real well.

After rigging up my Guide ll 3wt and ECLIPSE 001, loaded with Rio WF3F INTOUCH line, I sat down next to the river and waited. Whilst watching the water, I started to notice one after another Lady grayling give away their position after chasing or sipping at mayflies or flying ants on the surface. Choosing to go as fine as 6X tippet I joined onto my tippet ring, which I believe helps hide the line in the gin clear waters, and put on my version of an F FLY.

Moving slowly and deliberately I placed my first cast. Bam I was hit with some vigour as the fly hit the water, soon to be taken for a fantastic waltz around the large gin clear pool. Grayling put up a great show once hooked with lots of colour flashing as they flare up their fins. I was fortunate enough to be able to repeat this process more than a dozen times in the same pool before letting the ladies go back to their normal routine. This had been a rare occasion when my stars had lined up and the everyday stress has disappeared. I also found my Xplorer to be the most forgiving of rods with zero line slapping the water and its matt green finish, blending in perfectly to the background never to spook a fish. It’s was truly a fantastic session and one I would wish to repeat.

Till next time from a cooler Slovenia, tight lines

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