Testing the waters on the Soca river

With so much anticipation, I rarely get a good night’s sleep when I’ve been planning a trip, like this one, to the Soča River and its tributaries. Have I packed everything I need? Are the flies going to work? Are my rods indeed in their respective tubes? It just goes on and on, so at around 3am I decided it was time to start my adventurous exploration. I grabbed my gear and set off to meet up with my friends Uroš and his brother Matej. Still dark we met up on the western side off the majestic Vršič mount pass, loaded the gear into the vehicle and set off up the mountain. As we summit the pass the sun starts to peak out.

“Wow what a view”, I said, “I never get tired of it”. The normal stresses and worries of life just seem to melt away. The descent was pretty fast as we all knew well what lay below. The incredible Soča Valley. We quickly made our way to the starting point with lots of banter and eagerness.  Gearing up next to the river we quickly started to spot fish here and there and we each chose a particular Marble trout as our mark. Heading off for my fish it wasn’t long before I was reaching for my net to land my mark… A beautiful Marble … Lots of shouting and air punching later, the game was now in full play. The fly was working and probably had some lady luck on it as my wife Nina said to me the night before that’s the one. She was right.

As the day pushed on we made our way spotting and testing various fly patterns for the upcoming season…….needless to say we weren’t disappointed at all. We all covered as much river as we could and the fishing was great, with multiple double ups and many Marbles and Rainbows landed. So many, that we all ran out of battery power and storage space! What an adventure and awesome day out with the fishing nuts Uroš and Matej.

It’s my dream and passion to share as many a day like these as possible…..
A river definitely runs through my veins.

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