Our mission

At Hunter Fly Fishing we like to go a step further. On top of daily guiding services, we specialize on hosting all inclusive fishing packages, where your biggest worry when booking a bucket list fishing trip with us is to make sure that your passport is valid. We take care of the rest and create personalised fishing trip to meet your fishing style, targeted species as well as your budget.


Our team consists of experienced individuals in their field. People that will put you onto wanted species of fish, take you to amazing fishing spots best suited for times of the year and weather conditions and show you incredible time overall. There are fishing trips designed by fly fisherman for fly fisherman. Whether you are on your own, as a group or want to share priceless moments with your spouse or children, we will make sure your fishing trip is an unforgettable one.

Touch of history

Simon Hunter Bunn has been passionate about fishing since he could walk. ‘The river flows through my veins’ he says. His love for fish and fishing passed onto his wife. Together they have been working hand in hand farming trout in South Africa for over 10 years, but before that managed fishing / diving operations in South Africa and Central America. In 2016, they decided to move their family back to Slovenia, where Nina originally comes from. They wanted to stick to what they know and do best – fish and fishing, hence the birth of Hunter Fly Fishing. The name Hunter holds special place at our heart, since it has been carried on in Bunn family for 250 years. It has been passed onto our children and we feel proud to keep the tradition going and to name our company Hunter Fly Fishing. Our passion does not lie merely in the fishing, but also conservation of ecosystem and biodiversity.

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