The fact that this country is a land of water is most eloquently asserted by its ramified network of rivers. There are 59 major rivers in Slovenia covering impressive 2500 square kilomerets of land. Thanks to country’s layout and geology, there are several types of rivers found here: from typical alpine to impressive chalk or limestone network of watercourses in the Karst area.

Fishing is Slovenia is regulated and the bodies performing that task are either government or local Fishing Clubs/Fishing Families that take charge of certain sections of certain rivers. Fishing is done by purchasing daily licences with certain rivers being the catch and release only. The cost of licence varies from river to river and even sections within; anything from 25 EUR to 100 EUR per day, with Obrh being the most expensive at EUR 200.

Due to the vast selection of fishable rivers, streams and creeks we ask forgiveness when not describing all of them on our page. We have chosen rivers we prefer the most for fishing, but we ourselves fish other rivers too. So please contact us for any additional information you would like to obtain.

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