Not only do we provide professional fish guiding services with necessary fishing licences, but we provide proper hosting for the duration of your stay. We organize:

  • accommodation
  • shuttle services to and from the airport
  • transfer to and from the river
  • meals and drinks
  • fly packs that work for South Africa and chosen type of fishing

After booking your trip with us, all you need to do is book the flights and bring your gear, however if you need help with that, we will gladly assist with those arrangement as well.


As any fishing individual, we do have a good list of our preferable waters and fishing spots. However this fishing trip is all about you. We will design your fishing trip according to your preferences, from places, fishing methods to target species.

Accommodation and meals

We work closely with numerous accommodation providers. The variety is endless in South Africa, from lodges, small hotels, resorts to glamping safari in the wild. South African rainbow nation and abundance of animal species all contributed to vast variety of tasty dishes. Most people are pleasantly surprised by tasting certain foods for the first time, like zebra, kudu or antelopes. Pride of South African southern tip are also various sorts of wine that are a must to taste.

There are no preset packages for your bucket list fishing trip to South Africa. However we would completely customize your trip, covering your preferences about species, accommodation, fishing days and budget. Contact us.

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