While there are abundant river systems in South Africa, fly-fishing is done mainly at a few specific ones. Brown as well as Rainbow Trout got introduced to South African rivers in the Drakensberg area some 130 years back. Fishing for trout can only be done in crystal clean and cooler waters emerging in mountainous areas. Those usually lie in national park areas and are surrounded by immense beauty of the landscape. There are a few indigenous fish species of interest to fly-fishers, like fighting champions Tiger fish and Yellow fish.

Dams or manmade lakes

There are certain areas in South Africa that are fishing paradise. One of them would be Midlands in KwaZulu Natal province. Hundreds of privately owned dams are regularly stocked with both rainbow and brown trout with one and only goal in mind – to provide amazing fishing. Most of these dams are located on large farms in the middle of beautiful nature with stunning views of mountains. Dams can be fished with many fly patterns and to cover the vast water area, the most suitable would be the use of float tube, however fishing off the dam edge works as well.

Deep sea fly fishing

Now this is fly fishing taken to the next level. Imagine fighting beautiful sailfish that you successfully baited with your sea streamer. So can we and we can also organize this amazing fishing trip for you. Deep sea fly fishing would be done in warm waters of Indian Ocean off the Southern African shore by boats. Besides sailfish and marlin, one can expect to catch GT (Giant Trevally), Couta, Dorado, Tuna…

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