At Hunter Fly Fishing we offer guiding and instructing services of high quality. We will listen to your fishing wishes and make sure you can tick an amazing fishing experience off your bucket list. We cater for any river in Slovenia and suggest best fishing grounds for the season and weather conditions predicted for the day. We specialize in teaching how to fly fish, be it older fishing enthusiast or our next generation. We can provide the gear necessary for the day. Refreshments at the river are included in the package.


We all aim to select those perfect flies to go fish with, after all we do like the thrill of a fight with a fish at the end of the line, especially if is accompanied with amazing display of acrobatics. Our aim is to tie flies that will do just that, be too tempting for fish to resist. We do any custom made fly, from dry, nymph, streamer and even flies for sailfish and marlin fishing in the ocean. Our prices are ever so competitive and we can deliver worldwide.


At Hunter Fly Fishing we do like to go a step further when offering fishing services.  Not only do we provide professional fish guiding services with necessary fishing licences, but we provide proper hosting for the duration of your stay. We understand that it can be daunting and time consuming when scrolling through hundreds of options in an unknown country. That is where we step in to help, so you can focus more on daydreaming about your catch and have the ‘piece of mind’ that everything about your fishing trip is taken care of. We organize amazing accommodation, shuttle services to and from the airport, transfer to and from the river, meals and drinks, fly packs that work for specific waters at times of the year that you book for and plenty more. After booking your trip with us, all you need to do is book the flights and bring your gear, however if you need help with that, we will gladly assist with those arrangement as well.

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